Products & Services

5″ Seamless Gutters:

5sgsm This system is designed for homes with less than 2500 square feet of roof surface area and composition shingles. It comes with 2″ x 3″ rectangular down spouts or you can upgrade to 3″ x 4″ down spouts. Seamless gutters are available in 28 colors, including Copper and Galvalume.

6″ Seamless Gutters:

6sgsm This system has 42% more capacity than the 5″ system. It is the correct size for homes with more than 2500 square feet of roof surface area and is ideal for all types of roof coverings including metal standing seam, flat and barrel tiles, slate, and wood shake shingles. It comes with 3″ x 4″ rectangular down spouts or you can upgrade to 4″ round down spouts.

6″ Half Round Gutters:

6hrsm Elegant Half Round Rain Gutter by ATRG РAs featured in 2005 San Antonio Parade of Homes. Read article here


industrialsm This heavy-duty oversized gutter is designed to catch and channel the highest volume of water. They are constructed of painted steel and are custom made for each project.


copspecsm This system lasts a lifetime and adds elegance to your home’s exterior. We offer them in 5″ and 6″ Seamless, Half Round, and Industrial. All unions are connected with copper core pop rivets and are sealed with an elastomeric compound that stay pliable for many years.

Rain Barrels:

rainbarrelsm We offer 55 gallon plastic rain barrels. They come with a brass hose bib, screened entry basket and a PVC overflow outlet.

Flexible Tubing:

flextubesm To channel the water from your down spouts out of the flower beds or low areas, we have 4″ flexible tubing. It is black, crush resistant, either solidwalled or perforated, and can be buried.

Leaf Screens:

leafscreensm To keep leaves and debris out of your rain gutters, we have a variety of options available. Your representative will be happy to discuss which option best fits your needs.

Clean-Out Services:

Whether your gutters need cleaning out once a month or once a year, Aqua Tech Rain Gutters has a “365 Plan” for you. We’ll keep your gutter system in top shape.


Sometimes we can refurbish an existing system. One of our representatives will inspect your system and give you a written estimate for repairs.

Minimum Service Charge:

We have a minimum charge to make service calls like clean-outs, re-attach gutters or down spouts, reseal corners or end-caps, etc. That charge is $135.00.